About Safe Leaf

SafeLeaf was founded in December 2017 with the original intent of providing analytical services to the Cannabis Industry. The growing need for efficient lab systems and standard operating procedural specifications was quickly realized and SafeLeaf.ca was born. We began providing lab design services in conjunction with equipment distribution to our clients seeking cannabis extraction capabilities. 3 years later, SafeLeaf has designed and taken part in the development of over half a dozen Cannabis Extraction Facilities within Canada. Each one compliant, efficient and safe while producing quality extracts!


tried and true technologies…

SafeLeaf.ca’s sourcing is derived from original equipment manufacturers with case studies currently performing in specific use applications which are pertinent to methods and solutions we specify to our clients and their industry.

Our ability to introduce new technologies is paramount in our capability in remaining on the cutting edge. Focus is on viability and feasibility in extraction, using solutions we’ve implemented in prior applications to assert innovations and improvements as such, we don’t deploy rhetoric sales jargon paired with “novel” re-purposed technologies from declining entities.


On site, in person, face to face…

SafeLeaf.ca focuses highly on implementation, installation, and commissioning of its designed applications and their effectiveness. Providing on average of 3-4 weeks of on-site engineering consultation, in addition to labor of systems installations, we’re your go-to partner for execution and pressing the power button for the first time!


Too many layers to the cake…

By creating one single point of contact across many levels of personnel and equipment representatives, we consolidate your procurement strategies and provide the answers your team needs. Developed solutions followed by conveyance of the reasoning behind them with a high degree of articulation. In addition, our mechanical construction consultation services allows contractors to decipher slight foreign applications and assists them by providing the answers. Concise clarity, and trimming the fat, it’s what we do.


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