While we offer Free Consultation to our clients looking to purchase equipment, our services are not limited to equipment! We Offer:

Procedure Implementation (SOPs)

Every organization who is following GPP and GMP must have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). creates action based, relevant and easy to follow SOPs using templates that we can tailor and/or develop to meet the needs of the organization. Working with your subject matter expert (SME), can help reduce the SME stress and workload as SMEs are not necessarily technical writers. Technical writing is about creating usable documentation. does this efficiently and simply reducing errors and confusion about the process, developing quality manuals that are easy to read, understand, and work together effectively.

Quality Assurance Person (QAP) Training

Every cannabis producer must have an established QAP (Quality Assurance Person). consultants have the education, training, and experience needed to be your QAP, on site and/or remote (within two hours). You can save costs by using a as your QAP rather than hiring a full time resource. can support you as your QA needs fluctuate with each stage of the changing workload including QAP mentoring.

Facility & Site Planning, Commissioning

We assist you to verify your site design, materials, and layout to establish effective, safe, and compliant producton, packaging, labelling, and testing. We use appropriate Health Canada considerations when making our assessment.

Good Production and Manufacturing Practices (GPP & GMP) Training has training for all levels of the organization from the executive to the quality group to supporting stakeholders that needs to understand GPP and/or GMP. We develop the content that is appropriate for the audience AND meet regulatory expectations. The best training is when the attendee understands the reason behind the concepts. We explain the concepts and implications if not followed correctly.

Technology Transfer – Proof of concept through to Full-Scale Production helps R&D organizations to take the next step by transferring their analytical and production know-how from pilot into full-scale productions. Our services help you manage the relevant Health Canada requirements.

Facility and Equipment can help you do design and selection of your cannabis facility. We can help qualify equipment to ensure consistent results and reduce risk of cross contamination. can develop with the client an appropriate preventative maintenance program for the facility and equipment. Sanitation practices are key, and we can design a sanitation program that works for dedicated or multi use equipment.

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