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  • An all-new, high-efficiency condenser, without coil holdup.

    The new Allihn-style condensers have a bulb-type (or wave-like) enclosure on the inner part of the condenser. This intricate piece of glassware will allow cooled or heated fluids to flow right through. Once fluid exits the bulb portion of the condenser, it flows into an outer jacket, further cooling (or heating) the vapors. The true beauty of this condenser is that you won’t sacrifice system throughput in the process.
  • Pure Path 100
    Cascade’s PUREPATH 100 is a 4″ wiped film distillation package optimized for viscous crude refinement. The PUREPATH features top quality components from Agilent, AGI, Heidolph, and Huber.
  • Our new distillation receiver adapter lets you connect various types of 45/50 jointed glassware and Rodaviss joints to your set-up, such as a condenser, cold trap or 90° adapter. These pieces (in conjunction with the distillation receiver adapter) let you modulate your system like never before.
  • Our economy recirculating water condenser kit is a simple and effective solution for chilling your condenser on a budget. Minimal and bare bones, a surprising number of laboratories have achieved great things with this humble set-up.
  • Introducing the all-new, 12 liter (12L) short path distillation kit from Lab Society. We asked our customers, and they wanted one thing: increased output on a scale like never before, faster than ever before.
  • The result of years of R&D, these short path kits were created specifically for customers looking to take the next step in their operations. The 20L boiling flask holds up to 12L (10-12kg) of product per batch. This increase in surface area and volume (in addition to the new PDH-3V silvered distillation head with 40mm bore size) gives the 20L the power to output 1-2L per hour during the main body fraction.
  • The second generation (G2) of Lab Society’s Executive Series 5L Short Path Distillation Kit is more comprehensive and integrated than any other five-liter system on the market.  
  • Lab Society's Pesticide Removal Kit gives you everything you need to get rid of unwanted molecules. A lot of thought and care has gone into each component of this kit, and the result is a turn-key solution for getting rid of everything you don’t want in your final product.
  • A Separatory Funnel is useful for separating liquids of two different densities. Our American-made funnel comes with a 2mm PTFE stopcock and a 24/40 top joint.


    • PTFE Stopcock
    • 24/40 top joint
    • 60 mL. capacity
    • made in the USA
    These handy devices are a key component in scientific glassware and in performing liquid-liquid extractions.

    How does a separatory funnel work?

    A separatory funnel is typically used to separate liquids from other liquids or liquids from brine solutions by washing. They have many different names, such as: separation funnel, separating funnel, or even just a sep. funnel informally.
  • Each Lab Society short path distillation head was specifically designed for distilling compounds at an increased resolution and flow rate.
  • Lab Society spent years designing and developing the perfect Terpene Distillation Kit, sourcing the world’s best components, and creating custom pieces of glassware to create the ideal solution. The result is Lab Society's own original creation, an industry-leading steam distillation system. This kit is backed by their outstanding technical support and the Lab Society warranty.