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Available sizes: 5 Liters

Engineered for safer and more efficient benchtop rotary evaporation (rotovap), the EcoChyll® X1 tankless evaporator is a state-of-the-art refrigeration unit that raises the bar for sample cooling instruments. Based on exclusive condenser coil technology, the EcoChyll® X1 can directly and rapidly cool sample materials to temperatures below -20°C in under a minute. This effectively eliminates the hazards of frostbite and exposure to carbon dioxide by replacing the likes of antifreeze coolant and dry ice.

The EcoChyll® X1 boasts a footprint of less than a single square foot and is compatible with any standardized rotary evaporator on the market. Consequently, this unique tankless evaporator is ideal for condensing samples downstream from a range of extraction techniques, or for direct integration in short-path extractions. It is a worry-free system that saves time and money, allowing operators to focus on the more complex tasks at hand.

EcoChyll X1 Tankless Evaporator: Key Advantages

  • Easy-to-operate, with user-friendly cooling technology
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable
  • Greater productivity through the elimination of instrument downtime
  • Innovative cooling technology makes traditional coolants (i.ee dry ice) obsolete
  • Low-cost of ownership and no associated operational costs
  • Rapid evaporation times
  • Small instrument footprint

Ecodyst: Proprietary Tankless Evaporator Suppliers

Ecodyst is committed to enhancing the way researchers conduct botanical extractions using established rotovap technology. Our pioneering direct-cooling technology sets a new standard for speed and efficiency in extraction and solvent recovery applications, from industrial-scale production down to the smallest scales of research. The EcoChyll® X1 is perfect for users seeking a new benchtop solution that can enhance both productivity and operational margins.

Ecodyst is the industry-leading tankless evaporator supplier, championing a brand-new self-cooling condenser technology that could revolutionize your day-to-day procedures and overall health and safety credentials.

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