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Available sizes: 22, 50, 72 and 100 Liters

Built for industrial-scale evaporation, the EcoChyll® X7 high speed evaporator from Ecodyst combines high loading capacities with rapid continuous cooling for efficient and fast solvent recovery. Courtesy of proprietary intelligent direct self-cooling condensers, the EcoChyll® X7 high cooling capacity and large surface area condensers can reliably condense large volume of solvents.

Our industrial-scale rotary vacuum evaporator is a turn-key solvent recovery system trusted by chemists and botanical extraction processors in both research and commercial laboratory settings. Based on innovative self-cooling technology, our smart cooling system is both eco-friendly and efficient. The EcoChyll® X7 continuous cooling system is guaranteed to increase productivity for high throughput solvent recovery and decarboxylation applications while keeping user safety and usability at the forefront of all botanical extraction applications.

EcoChyll X7 Rotary Vacuum Evaporator: Key Advantages

  • Best-in-class evaporation rates
  • Continuous sample feed valve ensures uninterrupted operation
  • Cost-effective by eliminating expensive rotary motor with overhead stirring
  • Easy-to-use, with simple product drainage not requiring removal of large evaporation vessels
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • High-speed stirring for increased surface area and vapor generation
  • Modularity of the system enables easy upgrades from 22L to 50L capacities
  • Safety guaranteed, with all glassware remaining stationary throughout operation
  • Twice the loading capacity of traditional rotovaps (<100 liters)
  • Chemical resistant dual condenser with over 9000 cm2 cooling surface area

Industrial-Scale Rotary Vacuum Evaporators from Ecodyst

Ecodyst was established with the aim of improving on the performance of standard laboratory rotary evaporators (rotovaps), setting a new benchmark for performance in botanical extractions and solvent recovery. The EcoChyll® X7 rotary vacuum evaporator delivers on that promise for the industrial-scale researcher, providing a scalable modular solution that performs on numerous key fronts for the budget-conscious operator.

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