Agilent IDP-7

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The new Agilent Varian IDP-07 dry scroll vacuum pump is designed for extremely quiet < 55 dBA and low vibration operation, delivering a peak pumping speed of 5.4 cfm (9.1 m3/h) at 60 Hz, and produces an ultimate pressure of 20 mTorr. These new Agilent IDP-07 dry scroll pumps are hermetically-sealed and are appropriate for helium recirculation as well as vacuum oven, and backing pump applications. The hermetic design provides a clean gas path through the pump, which eliminates any risk of oil or grease contamination allowing the motor and bearings to run at atmospheric pressure, isolating them from exposure to vacuum process gases or water vapor. The Agilent IDP-07 supports a global single-phase motor for operating voltages ranges easily switched between 100-120V or 200-230 VAC at 50/60Hz.

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