Ai 2 Liter Glass Separatory Funnel Kit with All PTFE Valves


Introducing the new Ai separatory funnel kits with all PTFE valves. A separatory funnel, also known as separation funnel, separating funnel, or colloquially sep funnel, is a piece of laboratory glassware used in liquid-liquid extractions to separate (partition) the components of a mixture into two immiscible solvent phases of different densities. Typically, one of the phases will be aqueous, and the other a lipophilic organic solvent such as ether, MTBE, dichloromethane, chloroform, or ethyl acetate. All of these solvents form a clear delineation between the two liquids. The more dense liquid, typically the aqueous phase unless the organic phase is halogenated, sinks and can be drained out through a valve away from the less dense liquid, which remains in the separatory funnel.

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 Separatory funnel  Capacity: 2000 mL
Height: 18 inches
Diameter: 6 inches
Top port: 34/45 joint
Bottom port: GL16
Material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
 Outlet  3/8″ hose barb, GL16
 Outlet open/close valve material  PTFE
 Top stopper  34/45 joint PTFE stopper
 Setup dimensions (WxDxH)
 6 x 8 x 23 inches

Note: We do not offer warranty on glassware. Please contact us if you see any imperfections on the glassware once you received your package.

What’s included in this package

 Part description  Quantity
Part image
 Ai 2L glass separatory funnel with PTFE open/close valve 1 set  
 GL16 connector 1 pc
 Premium food grade silicone vacuum hose 6 ft
 Lab stand (8 x 5.25″ base with 22″ SST pole) 1 pc
 Boss head clamp 2 pcs
 Glass funnel 1 pc
 Rubber-wrapped funnel support  1 pc  
 4 prong stainless steel clamp opens to 3.5 inches 1 pc

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 12 in
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