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Ai SuperVac 11.3 cfm Corrosion-Resist 2-Stage Pump


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 Electrical requirements
 115V 60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz, single phase, 1,100 watts

 Pumping rate
 11.3 cfm (115V 60Hz), 9.3 cfm (230V 50/60Hz)

 Ultimate vacuum without gas ballast
 0.3 micron/millitorr

 Ultimate vacuum with gas ballast
 6 micron/millitorr

 Inlet/outlet connection
 KF25/NW25 flange

 Oil volume
 1.5 liter / 1.59 quart

 Motor rate
 1715 rpm (at 60Hz) or 1440 rpm (at 50Hz)

 Working temperature
 5 to 40°C

 Unit/shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
 21×7.5×12″ / 36x10x17″

 Unit/shipping weight
 72 Lb / 90 Lb

 Recommended oil
 Ultra-grade 19

 Noise level
 < 58 dB  Warranty  Two years  Download  Product brochure  Compliance  UL (E500328), CE

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