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Ai Ultra-Low Freezers (-86°C)


The Ultra-Low Freezers from Across International are ideal for storing a variety of samples, solutions, or other laboratory agents at the coldest possible temperatures.
The Ultra-Low Freezer series feature a unique, single-compressor design that offers low power consumption, low noise, and ease of maintenance. All Ultra-Low Freezers are also UL and CSA certified.

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Great for storage of DNA, RNA, virus samples, organs, and serum
Wide operational temperature range of -10°C to -86°C
Completely stainless interior for durability and cleanliness
Central control with large 7″ touch screen LCD display which shows a complete temperature curve
Lockable door, high and low-temperature alarms, power failure alarm, door open alarm, filter clogging alarm, and password protection
Dual sealing silicone door gaskets to maintain ultra-low temperatures
72-hour battery backup for controller
USB interference for data export and storage
Extremely quiet and reliable
Front document holder
Environmentally friendly refrigerants used
RoSH compliant non-toxic components and materials
Built-in swivel casters with adjustable supports for leveling
UL and CSA certified

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