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BizzyBee Distillation Head, 24/40 Lower Joint, GL-14 Hose Connections


Lab Society now offers the BizzyBee Distillation head for your system!
This distillation head will aid in increasing separation of constituents due to its increased surface area, cooling area, and cup-like catch design.

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Packable column – can hold different packing materials for increased separation
24/40 condenser joint – with O-Ring
24/40 lower inner joint – with O-Ring
14/20 top outer joint – for thermometer or thermocouple
Liquid cooled jacket – Also called a pre-condenser, allows liquid to flow around the inside of the entire distillation head, for enhanced vapor cooling.
GL-14 ports with high-temperature caps– for quick and easy removal of water lines.
Three retention fingers – compatible with multiple kinds of packing
Made in the USA

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