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Hobart Botanical Dryer, 20 Gallon


This rotary dryer is perfect for industrial applications You can easily dry your leafy material by simply spinning away the excess moisture in the drum.

A drum dryer will dry your product over a few minutes – much faster than natural evaporation!


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Industrial, 20-gallon capacity
  • Polyethylene spin bucket
  • Fully sealed, reinforced base
  • Excess liquid captured via built-in drain valve
  • Allows for timed runs, in 5 min. increments
  • 406 RPM, 115V
  • A rotary dryer that’s built to last
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Hard, stainless steel backbone.

This botanical dryer is built from stainless steel, with a completely reinforced base. It’s rugged enough for years of high volume use in even the most demanding of professional laboratories.

Polyethylene inner spin bucket.

Holes throughout the botanical dryer’s basket let excess moisture or liquids exit through the holes as it spins, leaving your end product in the polyethylene bucket nice and dry.

Drain valve for collecting excess liquid.

Any excess water (or liquid) is captured via a drain valve at the bottom of the botanical dryer. You can then either dispose of the recaptured liquid or use it for further processing.

1/4 horsepower motor.

The stainless steel botanical dryer has a 1/4 horsepower, gear motor that is permanently lubricated, so you can absolutely rely on it time and again in your kitchen or lab.

Wheels built into the base.

Despite its large capacity, you can effortlessly move and reposition the botanical dryer in your lab thanks to its built-in, lockable caster wheels.

Built to last.

With features like a fully-sealed, reinforced base, a splash guard, and a heavy-duty spin basket, you’re all set for years of reliable operation.

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