Bullseye Vacuum Guage


This Bluetooth-enabled Bullseye Vacuum Gauge (the Bullseye Precision Gauge from DigiVac) shows real-time analytics while maintaining durability and portability. Capable of visual graphing, this gauge can also help you troubleshoot your setup if you run into pump problems, vacuum leaks, outgassing, or other issues.


Free-standing or magnetic.

This vacuum gauge comes with a magnet on the back, and it can easily attach to magnetic surfaces. No magnetic surfaces nearby? Easy. The unit can be propped up with its built-in, flip-out leg. Both of these options will provide you with hands-free operation. The hard, sturdy casing reduces the chance of accidental breakage, and the unit can be secured and tucked out of harm’s way.

Supports 12 units of measurement.

The Bullseye has settings for 12 different units of measurement, including Torrinches of mercury, and micron. The Bluetooth edition of the Bullseye Vacuum Gauge has an accuracy range of .001-2.0 Torr, and it has a thermocouple sensor type.

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