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C-Bleach (T-41 Bentonite, Acid Activated)


C-Bleach Bleaching Clay Powder from ColumboLabs (Fuller’s Earth) lets you decolorize liquids and oils without having to resort to a chemical treatment. The result is a cleaner product for both you and your customers.


  • Absorbs oils/greases,
  • Carrier for pesticides and fertilizers,
  • Clarifying, decolorizing, and numerous pharmaceutical applications.

C-Bleach powder has a variety of uses, including absorbing oils and greases, and it can also act as a carrier for pesticides and fertilizers. Not only that, but it can also be used for various other applications such as: clarifying, decolorizing, plastering, paint fillers, and pharmaceutical applications.

This powerful powder has been used by the government to decontaminate employees and machines that may have been exposed to chemical agents.

The same properties that make it great for removing dirt and oils are also exploited by the cosmetic industry in a variety of skin treatments.

It’s a highly versatile product, well-suited to tackle a particular subsection of common laboratory challenges.