CG-3498 Probe Thermocouple


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Thermocouples for use with Chemglass process reactors. Available in both T (blue connections) and K (yellow connections). The detachable thermocouples are for direct insertion in the reactors using a CG-1048-A or CG-1042-E thermocouple adapter, while the 4′ long Hastelloy C-276 style is for use with the CG-1971 baffles and adapters. Detachable type thermocouples have a standard male plug (OST) and require a coiled extension cord for connection to the CG-3498 temperature monitor. The 4″ long Hastelloy C-276 thermocouples are supplied with a 4ft FEP insulated cord having a standard male plug (OST). PLEASE NOTE: THE 1/2″ DIAMETER PROBES HAVE A TRANSITION TO 6′ OF PTFE LEADS AND ARE CLEAR FEP PTFE COATED.

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Weight 22.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.8 × 5 × 8.8 in
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