Cold Trap Inner 34/45, GL-18 Connections


Fittings that won’t lock up.

If you’re tired of breaking cold trap barbs or having your tubing get stuck on barbed glass fittings, you’re not alone – we were too! That’s why we replaced those fittings with GL-18s. You can quickly connect and disconnect the barbs, and we’ve made removing the housing from the cold trap inner easier than ever!

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Cold Trap Inner Benefits:

  • American-made, Highest-grade Borosillicate Glass
  • Improved Threaded GL-18 connections allow for:
    • Improved vacuum flow with 3/8″ tubing and connections
    • Increased down stem diameter (10mm) to avoid freezing of compounds in-line
    • Reduced chance of breaking the intake and exit ports with removable connections
    • Quick connections between vacuum sources and systems
  • Fits into Across International T40 & T80 cold traps (direct replacement upgrade for OEM traps)
  • Vertical hose connections reduces hose clutter and stress on cold traps and improve flow
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