Dewar Style Trap Kit

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Dewar Style Trap Kit


  • Vacuum Trap Max. Capacity: 500mL in RBF
  • Hosing Size: 1/4″ ID
  • Coolants: Dry Ice & Solvent (Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol), Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), Immersion Chiller


Raising the Bar for Cold Trap Kits

This Cold Trap Kit from Lab Society features a Dewar-style cold finger condenser has a large opening at the top for use with dry ice, acetone, liquid nitrogen, or similar solvents with a low melting point. The large amount of cooling surface area of this cold trap kit is designed for high-volume solvent removal, as well as for the retention of collected volatiles. These devices condense vapors (other than permanent gases) into liquid or solid form. This in turn prevents those vapors from contaminating vacuum pumps if they condense inside.

A functional and rugged cold trap kit.

The detachable 500mL round bottom flask (RBF) utilizes a 45/50 Rodaviss anti-seizing joint for connection to the main trap body. When installed properly, the Rodaviss cap applies vertical force to separate the vessel from the body when unscrewed. Threaded hose connections are staggered for maximum vapor stream exposure (in through bottom left, out through top right) and feature GL-14 screw caps with Viton seals for 1/4? ID hosing.

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