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A true all-in-one rotary evaporator system, the Ecodyst 1H is a remarkably compact apparatus that redefines what rotovap technology can achieve. Condensing the entire footprint of a conventional evaporation system (chiller, rotovap, and pump) into a single instrument with a footprint of just 1.8 ft, the Ecodyst 1H offers space savings of up to 55%, making it invaluable for small-scale laboratories.

Built for convenient, high-speed botanical extraction processes, the Ecodyst 1H hosts an integrated self-cooling condenser, water bath, and vacuum pump. This eliminated the need for dry ice or water coolants. Researchers can also rely on the Ecodyst 1H rotary evaporator system to run fully-autonomous processes.

Ecodyst 1H Rotovap: Key Advantages

  • Autonomous self-cooling condenser requires no user intervention after initiation
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • No associated operational costs
  • Suite of built-in safety features
  • Significantly reduced downtime

All-In-One Rotovap from Ecodyst: Coming soon

Ecodyst is preparing to offer the Ecodyst 1H rotary evaporator system to laboratories around the world in the coming months. If you would like more information about the forthcoming all-in-one rotovap system, see our notecard and product brochure using the links below. Otherwise, be sure to check this page for future updates.

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