Keck Clips


Keck Clips are particularly useful for holding glass on glass joints together. Especially when dealing with pressurized or vacuum systems, you’ll want to be sure that your glass (or plastic or other material) components are held together by more than gravity alone, or worse, nothing at all.



Comes in both metal & plastic, in common joint sizes.

Our Keck Clips come in either metal or plastic and in a wide range of the most common joint sizes found in laboratories today. These often overlooked components are an invaluable asset to any lab, and they are the “bare minimum” of lab and joint safety.

Reduce breakage, the smart way.

Keck Clips are essential for lab safety, as they reduce the chance of glass breakage in your lab. These connectors keep male joints firmly connected to female joints, minimizing the amount of “wiggle” or “play” between components.

Want to make extra sure you select the right clips? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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Metal, Plastic


14/20, 24/40, 29/42, 34/45, 45/50

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