KF(NW) Adapter


These new PTFE KF(NW) Adapter pieces (inner) let you convert a glass joint into a KF connection.

Beaker & Wrench help you take an open joint and turn it into a vacuum connection. For the first time, you can now pull vacuum from this area/joint.

Please remember to use a vacuum clamp and centering ring to ensure a tight seal!



  • PTFE – long lasting and chemically resistant
  • Viton O-Ring – allows for a supreme seal, while remaining chemical resistance
  • Comes in three sizes  (24/40 to KF-25), (29/42 to KF-25), and (34/45 to KF-25)

Note: When using these fittings in conjunction with a vacuum monitor, the vacuum probe should never lie upside down. A vacuum probe should always be in the upright position, and it may require a 90° adapter to do so.

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