Continuous Solvent Recovery System (CSRS)

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Are your rotary evaporators providing enough solvent recovery for your growing lab? Our Continuous Solvent Recovery Systems come in two, large-format sizes: 600L & 1200L.

Not only do these machines have the ability to safely recover large amounts of solvent rapidly, but they also require minimal user input during operation. The CSRS separates high-boiling point constituents from a solvent and recovers the solvent for later use.


Continuous Solvent Recovery System (CSRS)

Are you expanding beyond rotary evaporators?

In industrial production, solvent recovery can be a bottleneck that isn’t easily addressed without a large capital investment.

We’ve created a solution to this common problem for commercial-scale labs – the Continuous Solvent Recovery System (CSRS).

Save time, capital, and excessive floor space with these units. They were designed to be reliable, durable, and to have straightforward maintenance under demanding industrial conditions.

System Features:

  • The unit is capable of running continuously with minimal operator intervention.
  • User-selectable height allows the system to fit into a variety of lab spaces.
  • The thermal oil jacket and electric heater ensure smooth and even heating of the solvent.
  • Automatic filling means your unit will be continually “topped off”, and you can run automatic batches back-to-back without a user being present.
  • Solvent level sensors give you precise control over the amount of solvent, and they pump solvent in and out of the unit.
  • The PLC controller lets you regulate all process functions, and it has multiple redundant safety features including an alert/alarm if something goes wrong.
  • Vacuum assistance creates a vacuum in the boiling chamber, which lowers the temperature needed to boil high-boiling-point solvents.
  • All systems are UL2208 certified by ETL and have ATEX II 2g explosion-proof standard.
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Solvent Tanks included in price.

*Note: Requires an air compressor with at least 90 psi and 10-15 CFM per minute. Any dimensions listed here are without solvent tanks and premium chillers (sold separately).

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