Lab Society Graduated Round Bottom Receiver 29/42 Single Neck


Graduated Round Bottom Receiver was designed to connect straight to your single distribution adapter or a multi-distribution adapter, allowing you to collect condensate from your system.

With its unique shape, you can easily read the graduations on these receivers.

Now you can quickly quickly get an accurate view of actual versus estimated yield in your lab with just a glance. Both sizes and quality lend themselves to daily use in any lab.


  • built to handle stress and vacuum pressure
  • multiple sizes, up to 120000mL
  • 29/42 outer joint
  • American-made, borosilicate glass


Built to handle stress and vacuum pressure.

Laboratory glass is repeatedly subjected to heat, pressure, and harsh chemicals. We wanted to be sure that each of our original pieces of glassware could handle the rigors of everyday lab use with flying colors.

Comes with a 29/42 outer joint.

Lab Society recommends these for  use with their Short Path Distillation Kits

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