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MACH EES Series Automated Ethanol Extraction System

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MACH Technologies Ethanol Extraction Skid is a complete, PLC-controlled, automated extraction skid.
This complete solution offers cryogenic automated ethanol extraction, automated solvent recovery, and automated decarboxylation in a single system.

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Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs per shift (8 hours)
Batch Cycle Time: Typically between 15-20 minutes, dependent on recipe
Footprint: 210″ L x 40″ W x 81″ H
Capacity: Up to 60 gallons per hour of ethanol recovery
Recovery Efficiency: Typically 90-95% ethanol removal from extraction stream
Footprint: 84.5″ L x 45″ W x 118″ H
Capacity: 50 liter reactor volume, 40 liter max working volume per batch
Batch Cycle Time: Dependent on operator inputs
Footprint: 45.5″ L x 33″ W x 74″ H

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