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Magsil-PR ®


  • Activated Magnesium Silicate
  • Used in Pesticide Remediation
  • Target: Myclobutanil (chemical commonly used as a fungicide for food production)
  • Activates for PR at 675˚C
  • Used as a packaging agent for Pesticide Removal during the oil purification process.
  • Can also be used as the stationary phase in chromatography for separating out the components of plant extract.
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Magsil-PR ® from, Carbon Chemistry. Available in many sizes.

This product may also be used for the separation of fats/lipids due to its particles size, while still allowing for rapid flow rates through the media.

The most common application for magnesium silicate is as a packing agent in columns, and it is used in various kinds of chromatography, ranging from gas, liquid, capillary, adsorption and more!

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Weight 45 lbs
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