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Pinnacle Stainless DS (Decarb Dual-Stage)

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The Dual Stage by Pinnacle Stainless is a continuous, in-line de-gas, de-vol, and de-carb skid.

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Closed-loop system designed for safe operation
Touch screen operation
Dual Stage add-on to the SRS
De-volatilizes, de-gases, and decarboxylates
Prepares crude oil for distillation
Eliminates the need for batch decarboxylation
C1D2 Rated
UL Listed hazardous location control panel
100% engineered and fabricated in house by Pinnacle Stainless in Denver, CO
Training and installation support
Third-party engineer peer-reviewed
Pinnacle Stainless custom frame
Dual drive pumps
Pinnacle Stainless heat exchanger dual-stage column
Pinnacle Stainless condenser
Stand-alone vacuum system
Dimensions: 70″ x 34″ x 86.5″
Weight: 2400 lbs (includes crating)

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