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Pinnacle Stainless HFS (Heated Filtration Skid)

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The Heated Filtration Skid (HFS) by Pinnacle Stainless can is a heated filtration skid designed for large-volume processing.
The HFS will heat your extraction solution from -40°C to 20°C prior to solvent recovery. It can also filter down to 1-micron particle size at a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute (GPM).

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100% engineered and fabricated in-house by Pinnacle Stainless in Denver, CO
C1D2 rated
Closed-loop system designed for safe and easy operation
Dual housings to allow for continuous processing
Filters particulate down to 1-micron particle size
Fully automated filtration and heating
Third-party engineer peer-reviewed
Touchscreen operation
UL Listed hazardous location control panel
Warming increases recovery efficiency
Warms extracted solution from -40°C to 20°C
1 Micron Filtration Bags x 2
Dual Filter Housings for Reduced Down Time
Training and Operation Support
120V / 2.5 Amps
85 PSI of air at 60 CFM
300 lbs/hr of steam
Dimensions: 60″ x 50″ x 69″
Weight: 2200lbs (including crating)

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