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Pinnacle Stainless ICS (Inline Chilling Skid)

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The ICS by Pinnacle Stainless is a continuous in-line solvent chilling system.
The Pinnacle Stainless Inline Chilling Skid (ICS) is capable of producing 60 gallons of solvent on demand, chilled to -40°C.

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100% engineered and fabricated in house by Pinnacle Stainless in Denver, CO
Automated filling, chilling, and discharge to the attached extraction skid
C1D2 rated
Closed-loop system for safe operation
Continuous -40°C solvent delivered at 60 gallons per hour
Gives the option to upgrade AES system to in-line chilling
Reduces the overall usage of ethanol
Third-party engineer peer-reviewed
UL listed hazardous location control panel
200-Gallon Insulated Clean Solvent Storage
90-Gallon Jacketed and Insulated Solution Holding Tank
Pneumatic Control Valves
Liquid Level Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Controls
Pinnacle Stainless Custom Heat Exchanger
Liquid Drive Pump with Custom seals
Dimensions: 96″ x 48″ x 98″
Weight: 2400lbs (including crating)

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