Precision Vacuum Monitor


Allows for real-time analytics and data logging. This means that you will always know if your system is achieving the optimal vacuum pull.

The most practical and functional thermocouple vacuum gauges yet with key features that are unavailable in other vacuum monitors to give you the best bang for your buck on the market.


  • Data logging via USB or Bluetooth (depending on model chosen)
  • Digital vacuum gauge with visual display
  • Portable
  • Multiple measuring units
  • Graphical and numerical output
  • Hands-free operation via a kickstand (LS-PVM-1) or a rod support (LS-PVM-1 & LS-PVM-2)
  • Easy, quick troubleshooting of the system
  • Protective outer case (only on LS-PVM-1)
  • Multiple thermocouple inputs (only on LS-PVM-2) 
  • Rugged thermocouple

Real-time, visual graphing.

The Precision Vacuum Monitor also incorporates a real-time visual graphing feature, which allows you to monitor your system in the absence of a computer or compatible device. The on-screen data display allows you to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends, so you can see if the vapor pressure is too high or if there is a leak in the system.

Highly portable.

The monitor has a long battery life and supports a wide variety of measuring units, including Torr, micron, and inches of mercury. Always thinking about the end result first, we designed this vacuum gauge to be portable and highly functional.

For the LS PVM-1, we even put a magnet on the back of the Bluetooth gauge so you can attach the monitor to magnetic surfaces near the system. This unit’s case also features a kickstand, which allows you to easily prop it up on a table or desk.

Note: We recommend this monitor in conjunction with our packable and non-packable distillation heads (which have an attached condenser) or our detachable condenser.

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