Pure Path 100 WFE

Pure Path 100 WFE


Throughput of viscous crude oil
• Approx 10-15 mL per minute
• Max throughput of about 600-900 grams per hour at max speed*

To produce distillate, crude oil must typically be run through the system twice.
• 1st Run: To strip terpenes ~ 2500 mtorr
• 2nd Run is done at THC vaporization point, deepest possible vacuum

*For two runs, ~900 gram/hour throughput in the machine will translate into ~450 gram/hour max production of actual distillate. Crude oil will run through at different rates depending on the initial test numbers.


The PURE PATH 100 is a thin/wiped film distillation system that has been optimized for viscous crude refinement.

  • Features quality Asahi Glass
  • German made chillers from Huber
  • Heidolph’s overhead stirrer
  • Agilent’s deep, hi-vac diffusion pump paired with a clean, oil-less dry scroll backing pump.

The Pure Path 100 has an internal condenser allowing for fractional distillation. With an internal condenser, material in crude oil can be separated by using two different temperatures: Cooler temp in the internal condenser and a hotter temp in the jacket.

The Pure Path 100 also has an external glass cold finger trap for the dialing in the proper vacuum, and a mechanically refrigerated -105C external baffled cold trap to collect any remaining solvent (Ethanol) from the oil. This -105C trap is similar to external condenser on competitive units.

Each system comes with professional on-site installation and training.