Cascade Sciences PUREPATH 100 Wiped Film Distillation System


Cascade’s PUREPATH 100 is a 4″ wiped film distillation package optimized for viscous crude refinement. The PUREPATH features top quality components from Agilent, AGI, Heidolph, and Huber.

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The PUREPATH Difference

There are a number of different distillation systems on the market. Cascade’s PUREPATH 100 has a few marked differences.

1) Temperature Delta Of Asahi Glass Helps Minimize Breakage
The truth is – glass breaks and the distillation glassware is expensive to replace. The Asahi glass on the PUREPATH has an industry leading 110°C temperature delta. This means the Asahi glass on the PUREPATH can withstand the temperature shocks associated with rapid, hot to cold temperature changes that could occur with extreme temperature ranges – or when cold ethanol is introduced into the system to clean.

2) Keep It Clean! The Vacuum Integrity Of The Asahi Glass Is Exceptional – Seals And Joints Do Not Require Grease
Many products manufactured in a distillation system are destined for human consumption. The PUREPATH seals and joints are super smooth, which not only means exceptional vacuum integrity, but that you won’t have to introduce grease into the system in order to maintain vacuum. Lesser quality glass will often slightly leak – reducing performance/output and increase labor efforts chasing down small vacuum leaks.

3) The Vacuum Pumping System – Deep, Protected From Contamination & Real Time Graphical Data  
The vacuum system features a UL Listed Agilent DS302 Rotary Vane Pump   Since the vacuum integrity of the AGI Glass is so strong, it clears the way for the vacuum pump to get deeper to its ultimate pressure of  2×10-3 mbar. We protect and keep processing clean with a foreline trap on the inlet and an oil mist return.

4) Rodaviss® Couplings For Easy, Safe Disconnect Of Receiving Flasks
Cascade’s PUREPATH minimizes another potential glass break point by utilizing Rodaviss couplings.

5) Professional on-site installation and training. Our installation and training crew is a team of technicians from Cascade Sciences, Asahi Glass and seasoned industry veterans.

Straight Talk About Thru-Put

There are many variables that dictate thru put of any wiped film system. Crude oil will run through at different rates. Depending on initial potency test numbers, expect 2-3L/hr.

To produce quality distillate, crude oil typically must run through the system twice.

• 1st Run strips terpenes and volatiles (Heads)

• 2nd Run distills heavy cannabinoids (Body)

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