Lab Society Single Distribution Adapter


Introducing the original short path single distribution adapter from Lab Society. This single arm distribution adapter connects to a condenser and a collection flask. This adapter is a Lab Society original creation, designed by our team and manufactured right here in the USA. Like all of our custom glass products, the single distribution adapter was built to last in rigorous conditions.



Vacuum gauge compatible.

The single distribution adapter has a side port GL-18, so you can easily hook up a vacuum gauge and measure vacuum depth.

24/40 joint single distribution adapter.

This glass adapter has a 24/40 joint, and it channels your distillate down into your collection flask. Be advised that the collection flask will need to be changed for each different fraction you are trying to separate.

If you are trying to separate many different fractions, we recommend that you try our Multi Distribution Adapter – the perfect solution to this common problem.  This single side arm adapter has a vacuum port with GL-18 fittings. The V1 has a bend of 75 degrees, while the V2 has a bend of 65 degrees. The difference in the bend angle correlates to a faster flow rate, if needed.

Can be used in conjunction with the multi distribution adapter.

If you already have a multi distribution adapter, you can actually use these two products together. For example, if you have more than three fractions that need to be collected or separated, you can simply switch out the two pieces, allowing you to capture an extra fraction. This process can be repeated for as many different fractions as you need to catch.


  • The 29/26 adapter can only be used with the detachable condenser that works in conjunction with the PDH-2 and PDH-2S.
  • The V1 adapter should be used with V1 glassware, and the V2 should be used with V2 and PDH-1/1A glassware.

Questions about the differences between each model? Give us a call!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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