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StirMax+ Magnetic Stirrer


This custom-made, Lab Society StirMax+ Magnetic Stirrer unit has regulated temperature control and a magnetic stirrer built in. The base heating plate of this magnetic stirrer has a protective ceramic coating for easy cleaning and excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches, and surface abrasions.

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Chemically resistant magnetic stirring.

The outer case is chemical-resistant, reducing damage and protecting internal components. The StirMax+ Magnetic Stirrer has the ability to attach clamps via the detachable rodregulate temperature, and adjust stirring to your desired specifications. These features make this product a great tool for various experiments or production runs.

Easy-to-read screen.

Now you can easily control the temperature and stir bar using the built-in, easy-to-read screen. The StirMax+ will monitor when to heat your reaction glassware and automatically adjust to your settings, so you are free to attend to other business in your lab.

The unit sits on four sturdy rubber feet, preventing vibration, noise, and damage to internals. extending the longevity of the product.