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Super 1750-1800 MoSi2 Heating Elements for High Temp Furnaces

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Resistivity of MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide) heating element rises dramatically when temperature rises. Power output is less than 35% of the max. output at 300°C. Resistance of a MoSi2 heating element does not change under normal use, and you can mix new and old elements together.

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 Max. temperature

 1700°C (NO2, CO2, O2 and air) 1750 grade 1750°C (NO2, CO2, O2 and air) 1800 grade 1650°C (He, Ar and Ne) 1600°C (SO2) 1500°C (CO and N2) 1400°C (Wet H2) 1350°C (Dry H2)

 Heat extensibility

 Water absorption

 Volume Density
 5 – 5.6 g/cm3

 Bend strength
 15 – 25 kg/cm3

 Vickers hardness
 (HV) 570 kg/mm2

 Porosity rate

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