Welch 2019B-01


This pump is durable and chemical resistant, and it can handle organic solvents, aqueous solvents, light acids or bases. The PTFE Filtration Pump’s free air flow can achieve 37L/min., and it can also be pressurized up to 18 PSIG. If you are dealing with more caustic samples, you might want to consider using a vacuum trap or cold trap to help reduce the chance of damaging the pump in operation. Avoiding potential damage through proper use, care, and maintenance of this unit will in turn reduce or eliminate down time, saving you valuable resources and money down the road.

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Pump Stats

Power 115V
CFM (L/Min) 1.3 (37)
Max vacuum in. Hg 24
Tubing (mm) 1/4 (7)
Ultimate pressure  Torr (mbar) 150 (200)
Type of pump Laboratory pump
Gas ballast No
Max PSIG 18


Filter funnels Ideal for benchtop filtration applications
Solid phase extraction Multiple solid phases can ran at the same time


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