Welch 2032B-01 Vacuum Pump


DryFast Research Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump, 25 LPM x 29.7” Hg vacuum. Use vacuum regulator to control vacuum so you don’t boil (“bump”) solvent; “tune” to fastest solvent removal rate (“stripping rate”). This unit’s deeper vacuum means you can strip even water at 77ºF (25 ºC)

115V pumps are CSA certified. The 230V pumps are CE marked.

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Welch #2034B-01

Welch Vacuum Pumps provide powerful vacuum when connected to Shel Lab Vacuum Ovens (or any vacuum oven) to remove all chemicals or moisture from samples while ensuring that the vacuum oven chamber is maintained at any vacuum pressure rating desired between 2-760 torr (2-1000 mbar).

The Welch Chemical Duty Vacuum Pumps are Application-Certified to withstand even aggressive vapors from organic solvent, corrosives, and can also be used for drying samples containing water.

Welch also offers an in-line, foreline cold trap that captures moisture and chemicals without interference to the final product in the vacuum oven.

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