Welch 2042B-01 Vacuum Pump


Use DryFast vacuum pumps for precise, convenient solvent evaporations without oil mess. Portable and chemical resistant, DryFast PTFE diaphragm pumps provide excellent vapor flow and the right vacuum for top application performance. Perform rotary or centrifugal evaporations in minimal time with no sample foaming or bumping.

2 torr DryFast models provide deep vacuum for rotary evaporation of solvents with atmospheric pressure B.P. up to 160o C. The 35 L/min model will accommodate larger evaporation flasks up to 10L or small vacuum ovens. Use the 25 L/min model for flask evaporations to 2 L.

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Common accessories not included:
Inlet / Exhaust Separator Jars, 1423B
Vacuum Hose
Vacuum Hose Clamps PK-10
Pumping Speed 35 l/min
Max. Vacuum 2 torr
Oil Capacity NONE, OIL-FREE
Tubing Needed 1/4? ID inlet AND exhaust hose nozzles
Exhaust / Intake threads M14(1/8)
Pump RPM or Wattage 150W
Dimensions LxWxH 13.8×6.8×8.8?
Weight 21.25 lbs
Wiring 115V, 60 hz

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