Welch 2080B-01 ChemStar Dry Pump


Enjoy deep vacuum performance with no oil mess or maintenance. The latest Welch technology, ChemStar Dry, boosts your process efficiency while removing the risk of oil back-streaming into your product. Operations that previously required oil-seal vacuum pumps can now be performed in clean, efficient, quiet, manner.

Vacuum oven sample purging or solvent removal, Excellent handling of high vapor loads makes for a quick, thorough drying process. Increase open flow to vacuum pump and minimize drying times. Remember, cold trapping is essential to avoid ingestion of terpenes.

Short-path or fractional vacuum distillation, Provides vacuum power to pull even high-boiling sample components across your condenser. Because of the high temperature of these components, increased contact time is needed in your cold trap to ensure condensation. Throttle the flow inlet to increase cold trap contact time.

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Power 115V, 60 Hz 250W
Air displacement CFM (L/Min) 10.6 (150L/min) at 2 Torr
Connection flanges NW 25
Ultimate pressure  Torr (mbar) 5×10^-2 torr (7×10^-2 mbar)
Type of pump Laboratory Pump
Intake hose connection  3/8? NPT
Gas ballast Yes
Adjustable vacuum knob No
Pump Speed CFM (L/Min)  5.4 CFM (150 L/min)


Vacuum ovens Medium scale ovens
Rotary Evaporation/Distillation Medium to larger scale
Freeze dryers Medium to larger scale up to 6L



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