Welch 2546B-01


Model 2546 provides vacuum for 1-6 funnel filtrations of winterized extracts consisting of oil dissolved in ethanol. Also suitable for other low vacuum applications. Adjust vacuum or pressure with convenient gauge and regulator. Protected from liquid ingress by float valve trap and includes exhaust condensate jar.

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Common accessories not included:
Vacuum Hose
Vacuum Hose Clamps PK-10

Pumping Speed 45 l/min
Max. Vacuum 60 torr (27.6? Hg vacuum
Oil Capacity NONE, OIL-FREE
Tubing Needed 1/4? ID inlet AND exhaust hose nozzles
Exhaust / Intake threads 1/4? NPT
Pump RPM or Wattage 190 W
Dimensions LxWxH 10×7.5×9?
Weight 13.8 lbs (6.3 kg)
Wiring 115V, 60 hz

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