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Fastest solvent recovery method?

Solvent recovery is a vast bottleneck currently plaguing extractors everywhere, and we’ve found a way to fix it! Traditional methods include rotary or falling film evaporators; This system is similar but achieves higher throughput then conventional technologies currently available.

Working with our stainless steel manufacturing partners and accessing their experience in the development of brewery production equipment; has endorsed and made slight variation changes to a design, and has begun a pilot test program on-site with one of its clients.

The pilot project consists of a devised system which operates via vacuum assisted feed directly from an ethanol based extraction application, and provides separation recovery of solvents from crude extract at the current minimum rate of 2-3 gallons per minute. We expect this systems capability to range higher based off chilling power capabilities. The system’s ancillaries include vacuum source, heating via tank-less gas powered heater, and a large volume chiller. The system’s footprint can accommodate ceiling clearances as low as 8′, indicating that the system will fit in any intrinsically safe environment or pre-fab work space currently available on the market today. Included is an engineer peer review from an authorized local provincial entity which has been completed and certified.

Our ability to now offer this specific proprietary technology on exclusive basis positions to be the go to solutions provider for fast and efficient solvent recovery. This relieves a major bottleneck previously experienced in our common methodology of concentrates development.

We look forward to working closely with our manufacturing partners in development of potential improvements on this system where they can be identified, and we are excited to now offer this exclusive solution to our clients! Please reach out to us today via phone or e-mail to begin discussing your extraction needs and removing your bottlenecks! Your success is our business!

begin your journey into extraction.

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