Compliance in Canada is important during these times of transition and start-ups fortifying foundations in which they can begin their businesses. The pace of growth set forth in this space is astounding and harbours an environment of frequent change. Regulations amendments, updates, technological advances, law based limitations are just some of the factors contributing to such an environment. Let us guide you through the hurdles, and assist in achieving compliant status in your extraction facilities.

We communicate with you to identify what concentrate derived products you intend to manufacture. Once we have identified your goals we then focus on factors related to throughput capacity, scalability, and cost efficiency. We do not develop our own equipment, we are unbiased in that we source unique technological configurations for our clients extractions facilities. We will assist in developing floor plans, safety measures and executions, SOP’s for equipment service intervals, and personnel cleanliness measures, as well as overall GMP compliance, and C1D1 compliance with Hydrocarbon extraction facilities.

Dewaxing can be done, initially in column using thermo regulation, under pressure, within a vessel that is peer-reviewed and certified for use. Winterization is the process in which fat and wax precipitates are removed from the biomass extraction using solvents, and freezing temperature controls. There are several methods and equipment selections viable for each use case scenario unique to our clients needs. We will assess, recommend, and source the appropriate options based on several factors relating to volume of throughput capacity, time to process, cost efficiency, and more…

Separation of compounds from refined crude extract is key in being able to develop value-add products such as vaporizer cartridges, edibles, concentrates, suppositories and more… There are many scaling options available for such processes. We will assist you by providing cost effective, viable process measures, that fit these varying scales of throughput capabilities…

We have partnered service centers all over North America to provide re-manufactured vacuum pumps, parts, accessories, and or other various pieces of laboratory equipment rebuilds or service part kits. We can provide assistance in how-to and information pertaining to service intervals as well as general maintenance.

The equipment used in this industry is always advancing and we offer an upgrade exchange service for our clients, with certain conditions. Contact us today to learn more!

Large volumes of solvents and storage can typically require additional building infrastructure be contracted for installation in order to properly store and utilize the solvents. Most clients will use portable steel containment tanks to transport solvents, and store in certified cabinets dedicated for such use, other clients will require the use of such previously mentioned building infrastructure based interval delivery support systems. We have unique mechanical construction contractor affiliations and solvent distribution to assist in these aspects. Contact us today!



Our processes ensure a safe working environment and production of the world’s premier concentrates, and our guidelines follow safety protocols and legislation based regulatory requirements while ensuring the most efficient workflow possible.


With specific focus on the unique requirements of your extractions facility, we offer a range of services specializing in;

  • Work area(s) planning & design
  • Equipment installation
  • CO2 supercritical fluid extraction
  • Hydrocarbon solvent extraction
  • Plant material preparation
  • Live resin processing
  • High terpene retention
  • Post extraction processing
  • Wiped film distillation
  • GMP certifications
  • C1D1 certifications
  • General product and method consulting


Our team provides your business the resources, experience and knowledge it needs to design, build and operate a safe, compliant and efficient extractions facility.

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