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Thin Film Distillation




Many processors look for affordable solutions to common processing tasks. Distillation is no exception. Distillation systems also need to be reliable and able to withstand the high-throughput demands of many operations.

The Single-Stage Thin Distillation System from High Velocity Extractors (HVE) is the distillation solution for those looking for affordability, reliability, and throughput.

System Overview

The HVE Single-Stage Thin Film Distillation System has a starting price of $85k for the standalone unit. While this price may seem high to hobbyists or small-scale producers, it is very low when compared to any other similar system on the market. This system was designed to enable an entirely new group of people to enter the industrial space, where the cost would otherwise be prohibitive.

After doing your own research, you will find that this is an exceptional price tag for a system that is manufactured in the USA while also being built from extremely durable stainless steel.

The system features a virgin PTFE wiper basket inside of it’s 6” stainless steel body, providing a total of 0.25m2 of effective evaporation surface area. PTFE wiper blades ensure a long lifespan and have higher temperature stability than similar polymers. The system also utilizes four electric heat bands controlled by a single PID controller mounted to the frame. Electric heating provides precise temperature control while ensuring safer operation and significant wattage reduction when compared to expensive heated circulators and their respective synthetic heating oils.

The feed tank also utilizes a heated jacket with independent temperature control allowing the user to maintain the correct viscosity of the feed material. The system features simple connections like KF25 flanges and O-ring-sealed socket joints, making cleaning and reassembling easy and hassle-free.

The unit can perform volatile stripping at a rate of approx. 6 kg per hour, utilizing the included cone-bottom condenser replacement. For high boiling point distillations, the unit features a high-surface-area, removable inner coil that can perform distillations at 2-4+ kg per hour feed rates. 

Faster distillation rates may be achieved by pairing the system with pumping kits as described later in this article.

Standard vacuum monitoring is included with all systems via the LS-PVM-1BT, a Bluetooth capable and EliteLab® compatible vacuum gauge mounted behind the baffled auxiliary condenser (cold trap). The included receiving flasks have a total capacity of 12 liters, allowing for large runs to be processed and collected.



HVE Single-Stage Thin Film Distillation System

HVE Single-Stage TFD Features:

  • Approx. 6 kg/hr input feed capability for volatile stripping
  • Approx. 2-4+ kg/hr input feed capability for cutting and polishing of the main distillate body
  • 0.25 m2 short path evaporator surface area
  • Virgin PTFE wiper blades with 316 stainless steel wiper cage
  • Removable inner condenser and included cone bottom for multi-functionality
  • Manual inlet feed tank with an electrically heated jacket and individual PID control
  • 4 electrically heated bands with single PID control for evaporator heating
  • Precision vacuum gauge with Bluetooth and EliteLab® compatibility
  • Stainless steel baffled cold trap with receiver, requires dry ice, LN2, or immersion cooler
  • 80/20 common aluminum frame with casters for mobility
  • Medical grade stainless steel construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

New HVE Upgrade Kits Released In 2020:

Now offering a variety of upgrade kits to maximize the throughput and functionality of the HVE Single Stage Thin Film Distillation System. Each upgrade kit is designed to be easily added to any existing HVE system and includes all the necessary components for operation.

For maximum throughput, we recommend pairing all three of the new upgrade kits together. This will dramatically improve the overall speed of the system as well as allowing for continuous feed and discharge while also maintaining deeper vacuum levels and improved fractioning capability.

Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (FPK):

The Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (FPK) allows for continuously regulated input of feed material. This increases the overall speed of the system as well as maintaining a consistent volume being introduced into the evaporator, thus increasing the overall efficiency during operation.

The FPK includes a Masterflex L/S Easy-Load II peristaltic pump with digital control for precise regulation and consistency. It also includes high-temperature and chemical-resistant silicone tubing as well as all fittings and adapters needed to connect the kit to the system.

Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (FPK)

Peristaltic Feed Pump Kit (FPK)


Discharge Pump Kit (DPK):

The Discharge Pump Kit (DPK) enables continuous output of both the residue and distillate fractions during operation. This kit improves the overall speed of the system and makes it easier to continuously collect fractions without the need to stop the system to swap the receiving flasks.

The DPK utilizes two gear pumps to discharge fractions and includes a heated head with PID temperature control to maintain the correct viscosity and flowability. Also included with the Discharge Pump Kit is mounting hardware and all necessary glass and stainless fittings to adapt to your current system.  The DPK (coupled with the FPK) gives the HVE unit the ability to run continuously without interruption.

Discharge Pump Kit (DPK)

Discharge Pump Kit (DPK)


Booster Pump Kit (BPK):

The Booster Pump Kit (BPK) employs a special type of vacuum pump, called a roots blower. This pump is piped directly into the inlet of the standard rotary vane vacuum pump. When used together, flow rates are dramatically increased while maintaining vacuum depth. Booster pumps increase the flow rate of vacuum pumps at their maximum depth of vacuum; thus, moving molecules through the system faster.  This allows for faster stripping runs, overall faster feed rates, as well as increased system efficiency.

The BPK includes the actual booster pump and a common frame (with casters and a manifold) to connect the booster pump to the rotary vane pump. The kit also utilizes a UL-listed control panel to control the booster pump. Also included are all vacuum fittings and adapters needed to make the connection to the system.

A secondary cold trap (sold separately) should always be utilized when using the BPK. This will protect the vacuum system from any volatiles that make it past the first trap as well as optimizing the increase in flow rate and throughput.  This kit works best in conjunction with the FPK and DPK to provide adequate fluid handling for higher volume distillation rates created by the BPK.

Booster Pump Kit (BPK)

Booster Pump Kit (BPK)

System Specifications and Requirements:


  • 6400 Watts @ 240V (30 amps max) – Evaporator Heater
  • 600 Watts @ 120V (5 amps max) – Feed Tank Heater
  • 180 Watts @ 120V (1.5 amps max) – Main Motor


  • Depth: 27 inches (685.8 mm)
  • Width: 45 inches (1143 mm) + 12 inches Per Shelf (2 included)
  • Height: 84 inches (2133.6 mm)

High Vacuum Pump:

  • 10 – 30 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)
  • Minimum 30 mTorr/micron ultimate vacuum rating
  • Recommended pumps: LS-RV-36, CRVpro30

Chiller/Heater for Inner Coil Condenser:

  • Minimum of 0-75C temperature range, 100C to 200C temperature range recommended
  • Minimum of 500 watts for cooling at 20C, 1000 watts for cooling at 20C recommended
  • Recommended chiller/heater: Huber MiniChiller 600-H

Cold Trap Requirements:

  • Manual chilling via dry ice or liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  • Mechanical chilling via immersion cooler such as the Polyscience IP-80

**On-site installation and training available upon request.”

Why choose the HVE Single Stage Thin Film Distillation System?

The HVE Single Stage TFD is an excellent choice for any operation looking to purchase a thin-film system that will maximize throughput as well as quick return-on-investment. This high-quality product was designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and long lifespan.

The system is built from the most durable materials while maintaining a small footprint and the support and service received with the system is invaluable and will be available whenever needed.

We strive to help build a better processing industry through the products we sell and positively contribute to the market. The HVE Single Stage TFD is paramount in these efforts.

If you are considering a thin film system or need help with any other processing or laboratory equipment, please call us at 1-888-592-0609!

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