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25KW Mid-Frequency Compact Induction Heater w/ Timers 30-80KHz


Note: This model only available in 460-480 volt three phase.

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 Max. input current
 19 A (29A 3-phase circuit breaker required)

 460 VAC, 50/60Hz, three phase (380V model available upon request)

 Power distribution cord
 10-gauge 4-conductor Max 25A (10/4 SOOW for 3 PH system)

 Output frequency
 30-80 KHz

 Heating/retaining current  
 200-1000 A (displayed on control panel)

 Max. oscillating power
 25 KW

 Max input power
 15 KW

 Duty cycle


 Heating timer
 1-99 seconds

 Dwelling timer
 1-99 seconds

 Cooling timer
 1-99 seconds

 Water pressure
 ≥ 0.2 Mpa (29 PSI) you may use tap water  and water pump (>1/4HP & >240 Gph)

 Water flow
 0.5-1.3 gallones (2-5 liters) per minute

 Induction coil
 See detail specs below, we will make coils  according to your requirements

 Unit: 60 Lb, shipping: 85 Lb

 Unit: 23x9x18″, shipping: 28x14x26″

 Remote foot switch
 7 feet

 Max. melting capacity
 7 Lb (gold, silver, copper), 2 Lb (steel, aluminum)

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