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Ai 6″ Glass Turnkey Thin Film Distillation System ETL



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 2L to 5L per hour (base on processes and material fed)

 Main Evaporator
 Evaporating area: approximately 2,500 cm2 Material: borosilicate glass Glass jacket volume: approx. 3L Heated circulator: 3kW heater, 300°C maximum operating temperature

 Main Condenser
 Condensing area: approximately 4,000 cm2 Material: borosilicate glass Style: coil Glass jacket volume: approx. 1.5L Cooling/heated circulator: 2kW heater, -25°C to 200°C operating temperature

 Wiping System
 Style: roller or blade Roller/blade material: PTFE Driving motor: speed-adjustable with magnetic coupling Motor controller: DELTA

 Cold Trap

 Material: borosilicate glass with polyethylene lid Depth: 17″ Quantity: one Receiving flask volume: 1L Immersion cooler: Huber -100°C TC100

 Feeding System 

 Gear pump x 1    Speed: 20L/hour max. (2.4 mL/turn, 135 turn/minute), adjustable    Material: stainless steel body with Viton gaskets    Style: jacketed, heated    Recommended circulating thermal fluid temperature: 80°C to 120°C Flask: glass, 10L, jacketed, refillable during operation, with lid Flask jacket volume: approx. 4L Heating controller: OMRON Heated circulator: 2kW heater, 200°C maximum operating temperature Construction: jacketed, heated, insulated stainless steel tubing

 Distillate Discharge

 Receiving flask volume: 10L, glass Drain passage: non-heated Sealing gasket: Viton

 Residue Discharge

 Receiving flask volume: 10L, glass Drain passage: heated and insulated Heating: heated tape with insulation Heating controller: Omron Sealing gasket: Viton Recommended circulating thermal fluid temperature: 80°C to 120°C

 Vacuum System

 Vacuum gauge: Agilent gauge with LCD display for high vacuum application Vacuum pump: Welch CVRpro 30 with oil mist filter Diffusion pump: Agilent AX-65 (do NOT fill more than 30mL diffusion pump oil at a time)

 Sealing gasket

 All food grade Viton

 Electrical Control Cabinet

 Wiper motor controller x 1 Gear pump controller x 1 Feeding tubing heater controller x 1 Residue discharge heater controller x 1 Main power switch x 1 Vacuum pump switch x 1 Diffusion pump switch x 1

 Main Mounting Frame
 Heavy duty stainless steel, mounted on four swivel casters with leveling feet

 Main Power
 230V /-5V, 1~phase 60Hz (50Hz power for Europe and Asia available upon request)

 Unit dimensions ,weight

86x25x78″, 1150lbs 

 Shipping dimensions ,weight

1 Crate: 97x31x81″, 1197 lbs

1 pallet: 40x48x42″, 450 lbs

 ETL tested to UL and CSA standards

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