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Apiezon 501

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Not only does a high-quality vacuum grease create a tighter seal, it also protects your glassware and prevents pieces of expensive glass from getting stuck together. Tube Quantity: 100g

  • Creates a supreme vacuum seal
  • Inert to prevent unwanted reactions
  • Extreme temperature performance
  • Reduces friction and wear-and-tear on your glassware
  • Reduces contamination in your lab


Supreme vacuum seal.

This new PFPE Apiezon vacuum grease helps you get a supreme vacuum seal thanks to its unique molecular structure (perfluoropolyether).

The grease is a polymer of long, repeating carbon chains, consisting of: oxygen, fluorine, and carbon.

Chemically inert.

Due to the strong bonding between fluorine and oxygen (bonded to carbon), the vacuum grease can stay inert. These strong bonds prevent other molecules from interacting with the grease

Extreme temperature performance.

The stability of the polymer provides supreme temperature performance while being able to survive highly reactive chemical reactions such as: acids, liquid oxygen and corrosives.

Effective down to a very thin layer.

Due to the linear structure of the molecules (and bonded inert fluorine atoms), this vacuum grease can be spread into very thin layers, reducing friction and wear on your glassware.

Keep unwanted contaminants at bay.

A thin layer of this vacuum grease allows adjacent molecules to “slide by” without any interaction. This leads to reduced contamination in your system.

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