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Automated Solvent Recovery System

Solvent Recycle - Buy Automated Solvent Recovery Systems Online from Lab Society.

Recover more solvents than you ever thought possible.

Automated Solvent Recovery System (ASRS) was designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding of industrial laboratories. Instead of letting valuable solvents go to waste, you can now easily recover them on a larger scale than ever before.

High volume lab? Not to worry.

Early real-world tests show that these units perform well beyond specifications, letting you recover more of your solvent per hour than by any other method on the market.

Finally, a plug-and-play solution for top-of-the-line labs.

Thanks to a variety of sensors and automations at the heart of these machines, all of our (ASRS) units are able to run safely with minimal operator intervention. For busy lab owners, this product is a game changer. In most cases, it’s a simple matter of plug and play.



  • Set it and forget it – Automated Solvent Recovery, Just put the used solvent in, and watch the clean solvent come out.
  • Multiple, large-scale sizes –  (32, 50, 75, 110 Gallon options available)
  • Process insane amounts of solvent per hour – (5.5, 9.1, 16.6, 18.2 gallons per hour, respectively)
  • Vacuum-assisted – Allows for a reduced atmosphere, which lowers boiling points and increases evaporation speed!
  • Remotely accessible via ethernet or cellular data
  • Electric heating (with thermal oil)
  • This Automated Solvent Recovery systems has a collection container with sensors to prevent overflow and spills
  • Includes free lifetime service and support (including remote access)
  • 480 volts – make sure you have the proper power available
  • Automatic hydraulic tilt lift available upgrade