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Buchner Funnel

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A Buchner Funnel is a fritted/perforated funnel used in commercial laboratories for the vacuum-assisted filtration and separation of liquid substances.
Buchner Funnels allow you to filter liquids by pulling them through qualitative filter paper and perforations in the top of the funnel using a vacuum pump.
**Buchner Funnels are measured by the OUTER DIAMETER. Please note this when ordering.**

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Top-quality, lab-grade porcelain
Great for collecting recrystallized compounds
Creates an air-tight seal
Many sizes available – each size may require a different filter paper and rubber cork*
Cylindrical wall – to prevent over-filling
Fritted bottom – for even, smooth filtering
Useful for collecting precipitated crystals from a solution
All measurements are in O.D.
Make sure to buy a rubber cork and the right sized filter paper for use with these funnels, as both of these things will be needed to operate your funnel properly.
Rubber corks can also be drilled out to fit bigger stems, just as bigger filter paper may also be cut down for use in smaller funnels. You can also enhance your filter flask with our black rubber filter aid!

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