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Chromatography Column


Chromatography columns are pieces of glassware that help you separate chemical compounds. These borosilicate glass columns keep the stationary phase contained within while letting the mobile phase pass through. They are used in liquid and gas chromatography.
All our chromatography columns are made in the USA. For a complete guide to column chromatography, see our blog post.

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Removing pesticides,
Separating constituents,
Purifying individual chemical compounds.
Fritted disc
GL-18 fitting
PTFE stopcock
Rodaviss top outer joint 45/50 
3 inch (80mm) diameter x 24-inch effective length
American-made, borosilicate glass.
This piece does not include a stopper for the 45/50 joint. You may purchase a Rodaviss stopper or our 2-Port Inlet Adapter separately.
To support this column, we recommend our 100mm ring stand and chain clamps.
The Chromatography column comes as a standalone piece of glass – only the PTFE stopcock, GL-18 cap and barbed fitting are included.
Check out our guide on column chromatography here.

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