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Chromatography Column


80mm OD, 45/50 Rodaviss Joint, GL-18

Chromatography is a method for separating a mixture in constituent parts, and it’s a highly valued laboratory technique. One of the main uses for our custom chromatography column is for safely separating pesticides out from their constituents – this is a highly important step that can’t be overstated!

Uses of column chromatography:

  • removing pesticides,
  • separating constituents,
  • & purifying individual chemical compounds.

We’ve experimented with many existing solutions on the market, but in the end we decided that none of them were exactly what we were looking for. So we created our own chromatography column that we could rely on in our own labs.



Fritted Disc.

A medium micron-fritted disc, made of fine porous glass. Liquids or gasses can pass through. The fritted discs are made by heating or smashing certain-sized glass particles together in a process known as sintering.

GL-18 fitting.

The bottom GL-18 connection allows for quick draining via a tube or the GL-18 cap and barb may also be removed if the user does not require it.

PTFE stopcock.

For quick and easy flow control over your column.

Rodaviss Stopper with 45/50 top outer joint.

Now your glassware won’t get stuck, thanks to the black plastic ring below the glass protrusion on the dome. When the stopper is unscrewed, the ring presses up against the protruding glass and applies even pressure, allowing a safe disconnect of the joint every time.

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