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Detachable Condenser


Beautifully crafted and highly functional, this custom-built detachable condenser was designed to be used in conjunction with the packable distillation heads.

Increase your cooling capacity, a detachable condenser that will greatly aid in vapor condensation in your lab.


  • New drip tip
  • 29/42 lower inner joint
  • 24/40 top outer joint – easily detach glass
  • Compatible with our packable distillation head
  • Designed to reduce system contamination
  • American-made, borosilicate glass

Relocated vacuum port, new drip tip.

Relocated vacuum port of the detachable condenser to the bottom portion of the glass where users can attach a vacuum monitor. Designed a new “drip tip” to prevent condensation from dripping back in, and to protect your system from unwanted contaminants.

At the bottom of the condenser, a longer drip tip so you could easily place fractions inside the correct collection flasks, improving your yield.

Easily detach glass.

With a 24/40 top outer joint, this condenser allows you to detach/reattach glassware quickly and easily.

Compatible and customizable.

Glassware like the single distribution adapter can be attached in place of the removable condenser, reducing contamination and keeping pathways clean.

Detachable condensers also work well with the PDH-2 packable head and the high efficiency distillation head.

Use with our packable distillation head.

The upper outer joint works especially well when employed with the PDH-2, as the distillation head has a Viton O-Ring joint. Now you can have a grease free joint at the top of the unit.

Designed from the ground up to reduce system contamination.

Eliminating grease at the top joint will not only reduce contamination in your final products, it will also reduce contaminants in your system as a whole.

All aspects of the detachable distillation head were designed to improve efficiency and reduce contamination.

If you are unsure whether or not this condenser will work well within your laboratory, or if you’re just looking for more information about what products you would need in order to use the detachable condenser, please give us a call!

Note: To use the multi distribution adapter with this product, you must select the 29/26 joint size for compatibility. Also, you will need some kind of heated/cooled water recirculator for the condenser to be efficient in most applications.

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