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DigiVac SNAP, Simple, Nimble, Automatic Vacuum Controller


Model – SNAP
Power – Auto sensing 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Performance – Range: 2 to 760 Torr Accuracy: ±5% of reading Integral sensor accuracy: ±2 Torr Integral sensor range: 0.5 to 775 Torr
Display units: Torr, mTorr, mBar, kPa Time to convergence within 5% after disturbance: <30 seconds

Inlet: KF25 x 1
outlet: KF25 x 1
Vacuum path orifice: minimum 12.5 mm
Minimum bleed valve orifice: 10 mm
Valves: wetted materials aluminum and Viton
Integral sensor: isolated Piezo sensor | SEN-775i Integral sensor wetted materials: 316 stainless steel, isolated
Set-points: quickly dial in set-point with control knob, START, STOP, Vent or Isolate the system
Vacuum fittings: KF25

Novel vacuum control – Proportional throttle and proportional bleed control (vent to atmosphere) delivered from an integral dual valve module
Output – Ability to be controlled remotely via USB for integration into larger systems
Recipes – Ramp Vacuum Controller: Program ramps and holds vacuum at different a duration and vacuum level

Unit weight 10 Lb
Dimensions – Unit: 10.25 x 12 x 5.25″, Shipping: 16 x 16 x 12 (WxDxH)
Compliance – RoHS, CE/UL expected 1H2021

Warranty – One year

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DigiVac SNAP: Automatic Vacuum Process Controller | Vacuum control and venting with the touch of a button or twist of a dial

  • Vent your vacuum chamber or equalize your system with the touch of a button instead of pulling hoses or turning valves
  • Treat material in chamber more gently by implementing kinder ramp rate controls
  • Vacuum Controller with onboard ramp rate recipe control. Set up to 8 recipes based on time and pressure setpoints.
  • Dashboard pushbutton control for START, STOP functionality for each channel allows you to automatically vent or isolate your system with a push of a button
  • Ideal for automating and simplifying vacuum chamber pressure control.


  • Applications: vacuum chamber (from 1 liter to 1000 liters) research, vacuum ovens/vacuum drying, vacuum furnaces, large scale food processing, microwave drying, composites, rotary evaporators, falling film systems
  • Fine control of target vacuum pressure for more precise processing and research
  • Enables using reliable and long lasting rotary vane pumps & dry scroll pumps in applications where diaphragm pumps were previously required
  • Keeps vacuum pumps near their base pressure resulting in greater longevity


  • Largest flow paths available to insure maximum flow for faster evaporation
  • Maximize throughput and pump down speed with a 17 mm vacuum path


  • Automatic Vacuum Process Controller | precise automated control with programmable recipes and graphing of vacuum levels
  • Innovative valve control performs both proportional throttle and bleed vacuum control (vent to atmosphere)
  • The integrated bleed design allows you to quickly vent to atmosphere to stop bumping during processing
  • Numerical readings right on the LCD screen and one touch buttons: VENT, CLOSE (isolate, close all valves) and FULL VAC (fully opens the valve for vacuum pump and closes the vent valve)

SNAP Vacuum Controller Wetted Material Options

  • Aluminum (6061) wetted surfaces: available now
  • Stainless steel (304) wetted surfaces: 8 weeks lead time



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