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EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator – X7 / 72L

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The EcoChyll Rotary Evaporator is a refrigerated cooling device that condenses solvent vapors removed from a sample.
We’ve partnered with Ecodyst, the global leader in next-generation rotary evaporators, to bring you a line of more efficient, more affordable, and smaller solvent recovery systems.
Includes 2-year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

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Adapters & Clamps
Installation & Training
Up to twice the load capacity of traditional rotary evaporators
More than double the rate of evaporation
High-speed stirring
Continuous addition of sample with feed valve
Reaches -40°C in less than 60 seconds
All required parts, tubes, glassware, and controllers for the rotary evaporator system
Sizes range from 22L up to 200L
Varying voltages – depending on model
2-year Warranty
The X5 model has a single cooling coil, the X7 has two, and the X9 models have three.
We carry different packages of these units at different price points, so please call our sales team for more information on how to choose and size units for your desired application.
Condensers are also available as stand-alone units for a lesser price than a complete kit.
Stand-alone units are only the condenser portion of the system.

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