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Filter Press – 470mm / 1-2 cf


Ever wish there was a way to dramatically improve your filtering process while increasing capacity? So have we, which is why we are proud to carry these exceptional filter presses.
We have a selection of plate filter dimension sizes and a range of capacities, to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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Plate Dimensions
470 mm x 470mm (18″ x 18″)

Capacity Range
.5 ft ³ to 4 ft ³

Manual (STD) or Air (single acting)

Piping Connections
1.5″ Feed line & 1″ Discharge line

Plate Shifting

FP-320 – (12.5″ x 12.5″) (Min. 2.8L to  Max. 14L) 
FP-470 – (18″ x 18″)  (Min. 14.2L to Max. 113L)
FP-630 – (24″ x 24″) (Min. 57L to Max 342L)
the frame (A),
filter plates (B),
manifold (C),
and filter cloth (not pictured).

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